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Multi-camera home surveillance

Brand: Sansui  
اضيف في : 25/09/2023     01:06 ص


💥Multi-camera home surveillance and protection system💥 💥Kingstar AHD 8-Channel Home Recording CCTB Security System💥 💥Number of cameras is 4 cameras 💥5D vision 💥The range of visibility for each camera is up to 50 meters 💥There is a recorder for data storage: DVR 💥Coordination of video pressure: H. 264 💥Cameras work day and night 💥Sensitive for motion detection 💥Lens diameter: 3.6 mm 💥Work at home, office, school, plaza, store, bar, etc. 💥 1080 pixel FHD image resolution Storage 💥Storage 1 Terra (1000 Giga) To order send me a messenger https://www.facebook.com/groups/605048350199247/permalink/1276773306360078/

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