We AreHiringFrontendDeveloper(UI/UX)Application: React JS and React Native

Job Type: Full-time   |   Job Postion: Hiring Employee  
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اضيف في : 09/08/2023     11:15 م


We Are Hiring Frontend Developer (UI/UX) Application: React JS and React Native Requirements • +3 years of experience as a React JS and React Native U/UX. • Handling diploma or bachelor's degree. AL NADA EXCHANGE • Transferable 18 Visa. • Prefer join immediately. Responsibilities • Knowledge of frontend tech like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. • Knowledge of UI/UX designs and wireframes. • Good Knowledge in React Class, Functional Components and Hooks. • Designing, deploying, and managing web and mobile applications that can run on multiple platforms. • Utilizing React Native to design and develop UI components for web and mobile apps based on JavaScript. • Writing effective, scalable, and reusable JavaScript code can help create interchangeable front-end modules. • Improving front-end performance by diagnosing and fixing all system errors and bugs. • Make use of additional JavaScript libraries such as Redux to make asynchronous API calls as well as improve the performance of the websites/mobile apps. • Creating plans to transition React-based web and mobile apps to React Native . • Planning the data and presentation layer for the front end of all applications . • Using React Native, design and develop user interface components for JavaScript-based online and mobile apps. • Troubleshoot issues and improve front-end performance. • Write reusable, effective, as well as scalable JavaScript code and create interchangeable front-end modules. • Comfortable with version control integrated development environments . • Experience with running test cases and debugging . • You need to be able to build a dynamic, robust, and responsive UI for the application. • An understanding of common programming paradigms and fundamental React principles, such as React components, hooks, and the React lifecycle. • Experience working with an early stage startup or developing complex projects on your own. Sumbit your CV's to: Hr@alnadaex.com

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