Job Type: Full-time   |   Job Postion: Hiring Employee  
Salay From: |   Salary To : |   Hr Email: Recruitment@newmowasat.com
اضيف في : 09/12/2023     02:42 ص


WE'RE HIRING New Mowasat Hospital, a leading private Healthcare provider in Kuwait, is currently Seeking highly qualified professionals for the following positions: Cardiology Consultant - REF01 Dermatology Consultant - REF02 General Surgery Consultant - REF03 Internal Medicine Consultant - REF04 OB/GYN Consultant (Females only) - REF05 Orthopedic Consultant (Sports Medicine) - REF06 Plastic Surgery Consultant (Aesthetic) - REF07 • Radiology Consultant - REFO8 Gastroenterology Consultant - REF09 Urology Consultant - REF10 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Consultant - REF11 Clinical Hematology Consultant - REF12 A Geriatrics Consultant - REF13 Interested candidates can send their CVs to : Recruitment@newmowasat.com fO NewMowasatHospital www.newmowasat.com

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