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اضيف في : 08/03/2024     02:31 ص


SYMPHONY STYLE HOTEL KUWAIT HIRIN NOW Open Hiring Day at Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait, If you are interested, please submit your resume to the position that matches your qualifications and experience . Kindly note that we are looking for candidates for the following positions, taking into consideration the necessary qualifications and a background in the hotel industry. * General Cashier & Paymaster (1st position) * Cost Controller (1st position) * Marketing Executive/ Marketing Coordinator ( 1st position) *M&E Sales Coordinator (1st is required) * Telephone Operator (2nd positions) * Assistant Dir. Sales Manager ( 1st position) * Sales Manager ( 2st positions) # Assistant Ladies Club Manger ( 1st position) * Storekeeper ( 1st position) < Waitress/ Waiters unlimited 6,7,tills 10 • Housekeeping Attendant 3,5,tills 7 * Therapist (Male and Female) 2,3, 4 * Spa and Ladies Club Receptionist Note: Please review the qualifications and background requirements for each position before applying. Thanks & Best Regards Please sending your CV to

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