CANTEEN IS HIRING "Junior Accountan
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اضيف في : 24/01/2024     06:38 م


CANTEEN IS HIRING "Junior Accountant" Task and responsibility: 1- Secure financial information by completing database backups. 2- Document financial transactions by entering account information. 3- Receiving Sales from the stores and ensuring the amount add up. 4- Generating various financial reports based on instructions from higher officials. 5- Provide accurate, timely, and relevant recording, reporting, and analysis of financial information. 6- Receiving invoices from Wearhouse and stores and recording bills, invoices, and payments. 7- Recording bills, invoices, and payments. Terms of employment: 1-Bachelor's degree in accounting 2- from 3/5 years' experience 3- Joining immediately. Skills:: 1- customer services (Good knowledge of how cash register works) 2- organized 3- working with team 4- attentions to details 5- good office programs knowledge (Word - Excel-PowerPoint) 6-High financial capabilities • Please send your CV to:

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